Arctic Wonderland

These acts can work for all types of events from Walkabout to gala shows and children’s parties


Marcel Marceau:
Walk about mime entertainment.

Duo Du Sol:
A delightful speciality act worked by husband and wife Frank and Jan. They portray a story of Charlie Chaplin and the rag doll.
Chaplin discovers the rag doll from a box and the duo work wonders with their slapstick comedy and acrobatics. This is a great act for all generations.
Comedy WaitersThe Mad Waiters: Meet and greet comedy from our eccentric waiters

Laurel & Hardy:
A great pair of look a likes with comedy and banter

Charlie Chaplin:
Walkabout fun and slapstick from our acrobatic Charlie
Hard Shoulder (Note…This name is changed from Extreme trapeze)

This a great comedy act, performed in the style of Victorian strong men.
They perform comedy lifts and acro balance. They also mix a little audience participation into the act with some light hearted banter.

Jason Maverick

Comedy Chefs:
Walkabout comedy and banter.
The Jays
The Jays - Comedy Car
The Jays - Comedy Car

The Jays - Comedy Car
Comedy Car: Hilarious comedy act which is great for out door arenas and galas. Comedy Western: This fun show is full of exciting western style trickery with whip cracking and knife throwing to get you on the edge of your seats. Comedy Trampoline: Amazing tricks are performed in this very funny and clever trampoline act. Ideal for a larger scale events and galas.
The Digital Event Paparazzi………
2 The Digital Event Paparazzi………
Meet and greet your guests with our amiable & professional American paparazzi characters.

Our roving reporters with there American accents and flash photography, complete with notepads, dictaphones & a host of cameras will interact with your clients give your guests the superstar treatment. We can meet them as they leave their limo’s or at the entrance as they make their way to the reception area, or, should you require it we can enter the venue and entertain your guests and their friends at their tables before they settle down for the main event.

The cameras flashing and the requests for poses will give them the feeling that they have entered the world of Glitz and Glamour.